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A portrait series taken over lockdown, taken through a computer screen over video call. Each model is a friend, locked down in a different place. They were photographed as we talked. The aim here was to address how we now enact our sociality, solidarity, and politics of care in times of global crisis.

I photographed over twenty people in total. These are portraits of young people, at a time of uncertainty, connecting and connected through digital media, while they talked to their friend. This was a way of enacting a politics of care. 

The project culminated in a book, animated in this video, with music by Clémentine Dubost. Both are available to view below.

“The most anti-capitalist protest is to care for another and to care for yourself. To take on the historically feminized and therefore invisible practice of nursing, nurturing, caring. [...] To protect each other, to enact and practice community. A radical kinship, an interdependent sociality,

a politics of care.”

(Johanna Hedva, Sick Woman Theory)

Pages from 101 by Nina Klaff. 

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